Miles is a Bay Area native who truly revels in all things financing. He has extensive experience in business lending, commercial lending and his passion mortgage lending. His early career saw the depths of the financial crisis which led him to find creative ways to take care of his clients. This devotion to his client needs, produces an unbelievably high percentage of returning clientele which become friends long after working together. While lending has become more flexible, he still has that desire to make sure everyone has an opportunity to own real estate. Joining the mortgage brokerage industry is allowing him to broaden his loan radius and be able to service clients from every demographic while providing the white glove service.

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His true passion is real estate investing in which he invests most of his free time. He has seen the gains that can be achieved through real estate and wants to share it with all his family, friends and clients. Miles believes in practicing what he preaches so he’s had experience in buying for the first time, buying rentals, property management and leasing. This has given him the unique perspective needed if someone is looking to grow their portfolio with a lender that can provide the most competitive rates. He is a world traveler with family in multiple countries and is fluent in Spanish for those clients who prefer that as their language of choice. When he’s not providing lending or real estate advice he makes it a point to take 1 weekend a month for a 3 day trip exploring more of this beautiful country.

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